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[TR] Welch Peak- South Ridge 11/11/2004


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Climb: Welch Peak-South Ridge


Date of Climb: 11/11/2004


Trip Report:

Went up Welch on Rememberance Day (AKA Veterans' Day) to dust off the winter climbing skills. The Williamson road was easy for a 4X4 and the slog to the lake was snow-free. I started bonking halfway up the ridge - must have been that nagging cold that I was trying to get rid of by spending a rugged day in the hills. FYI, physical exertion in cold, dry air is not a good cold remedy. The ridge wasn't in winter condition due to the recent rains and sun, but there was enough snow to make things more challanging than summertime. However, roughly 50m below the south peak, I well and truly bonked and was getting some harsh dizzy spells. I sort of remembered that there was no good descent off the north side of the south summit, but wasn't too sure - in the end, we traversed some loose slopes and found some good hard snow to downclimb towards the Welch - Foley col - glad we brought crampons! It was totally dark once we finished this, and the rest of the walk out is just a hazy memory from my semi-coma state. Do I feel like going back for the winter? Ask me in a few months.....






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The Williamson road was easy for a 4X4 and the slog to the lake was snow-free.


Went up for a quick looksee on Sunday before the game, snow begins just before the parking spot. Snow becomes thigh to waist deep by the lake, so we turned around in time for the game.

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