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Ski Muir Thurs 11/11


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Don't mean to dampen for upcoming trip but I was on muir thursday and there was very little new snow over hard ice on the upper half of the route. the lower half had lots of rocks poking through. Probably the worst ride down from muir ever for me. Was still a good day with great views and even pretty warm but I would have had as much fun simply walking up and down. If things don't change, you might want to forget the skiis and go for a nice walk.

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Posthole/snowshoe up, alpine down for me, and board down for my buddy Dice. Other takers welcome to come along... probly leave Seattle "early-ish" and be back "late-ish."




What sort of skiier does a person need ot be? How bout equipment?I don't do nordic...or steep black diamonds...


but I have a pair of downhill skiis I'm willing to thrash or donate to the cause...boots are hard downhill girly size 8 if I don't get to go and anybody else wants em. Skiis are about 8 years old...153's I think.

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Gene, thanks for the beta -- mucho appreciated.


Norman, maybe hiking / climbing something closer would be more better... will keep an eye on the weather...


SnowByrd, haven't you broken enough of yourself lately? smile.gif No, if you wanna go out and play you're invited...




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Rainier weather is predicted to be surprisingly warm, not much different from Seattle, at least at Paradise: 40 degrees or so. The rangers yesterday said that conditions were somewhat spring-like. I was wondering about Little T, but White River is closed and the lower Cowlitz way too broken up to make this practical.

I'm up for something tomorrow, would be willing to travel to Rainier, but also something closer.

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