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Hockey is good!

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I just thought I'd share that I am really enjoying playing hockey twice a week. It is excellent cardio exercise and I definitely find it helps my alpine climbing. I feel confident about having explosive power. I have not measured, but I think my heart rate goes up to at least 180 within a minute of being on the ice, stays there for 4-5 minutes, comes back down while I'm on the bench and back up again, etc. This for 1.5 hours approx. When I get off I am gassed, but recover quickly. My t-shirt is as wet as if I wore it in the shower. I really like that I don't have to think about what I am doing because I am thinking about the game, not the exercise. I hate exercise where all you can do is thing about the exercise you are doing (swimming, running, road biking, lifting weights, etc.) I like the aggression too. And it keeps me in touch with ice, even though it's not very steep! Does anyone else play hockey?

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I used to play with my brothers back east on frozen ponds or the occassional rink. While I could skate better then them, something about putting a stick in my hand made me a klutz. I would concentrate hard on the puck, they would come over and give me a minor bump and down I would go. Never mastered it and got a couple split lips on the ice from my younger bros.

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