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What Did You Do This Weekend?


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Homework 'til midnight on Friday, then SmithPark action on Saturday with a small posse. Highlights included K__'s onsight of Liquid Jade, N____'s send of Blue Light. Good day, and good job, team! Finished up with some tasty Mex grub in Madras; mmm-mmm-mmm! Homework and errands and chilling for Sunday, but a good weekend overall.



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fri: pre-halloween party. some guy taped my friends breasts up so that she would have cleavage. i asked if i could be his apprentice laugh.gif

sat: some of the best turns i've ever had in my life. first tracks on two mountains, full on sluff management tour in the steeps. sick! huge costume party with my buddies band playing. lots of beer and fun. sunday was wasted after we got to bed around 5am.

sun: help girl move, watch horror movie, but didn't see the end we both fell asleep. it snowed a few inches in town!

today: survived another spin around the sun, am officially older now.

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