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Best AT boots


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Sounds like you are a candidate for the Garmont Adrenalin. I have not skied it but it sounds pretty sweet from those who have tested it out.



I have been using the Scarpa Denali XT for both resort and bc for 3 years with no regrets (except I broke the tongue in half recently). I think it has been replaced by the Denali TT




Basically it comes down to what fits your foot. Scarpas tend to be narrower than Garmonts. Both have thermo liners now.

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I use the Garmont G-Lite. It's very light and comfy, which is the most important thing for touring. Stiff boots are usually too clunky and heavy for touring, they're only good for skiing yo-yo runs adjacent to a resort. Go light and use your skiing ability to compensate for reduced boot stiffness. I've skiied some hard terrain with the G-Lite and they offer plenty of performance for the backcountry - but you can't bang gates with them!

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Lowa Struktura EVOs are pretty sweet for downhill power, and still tour very comfortably.


Some Reviewage:




Summary - The EVO is a stiffer flexing version of the Struktura Alpine Touring boot, compromising some touring comfort for increased downhill support.


"The original Struktura has been a very popular boot, but not stiff enough for many skiers due to its hinged tongue. The EVO GTX solves this problem by replacing the two part tongue with a solid, one piece tongue. The result is a significantly stiffer forward flexing boot. The original fit and characteristics of the Struktura remain, although the boot does not feel quite as natural or forgiving in walk mode.


This boot is more appropriate for the cross-over area skier who wants to keep the solid feel of an alpine boot and is less concerned with all day touring comfort."


Couloir: "In contrast to the softer-flexing, two part, hinged layout of the Struktura tongue, the Evo's tongue is a solid piece somewhat reminiscent of the Raichlie Flexon Comps of yore…This modification yields a vastly stiffer forward flex for greater precision and more immediate transfer of body energy to your boards…All told, this is a smooth, lively, powerhouse of a boot. The Struktura Evo will make any alpine skier feel at home."


Backcountry magazine: "The tongue significantly enhances ski-driving forward stiffness, but sacrifices ankle flex while touring. The traditionally-constructed Gore-tex liner is warm, with appropriate padding that locks your heel into the pocket…. Overall, the EVO provides a bit more power to pilot the ski than the Struktura"

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I have similar dilemma.

I was in MEC and talked to a specialist, about my feet and which boots I should buy.

My advice to you is to go and visit all stores and try, try and try as many different boots as you have available!

If you pick perfect boot for your feet, you will be in great position to enjoy ski touring 100%!

Believe me! Your feet are not same as mine and maybe your left foot is different than right. That is absolutely normal.

I skied last season in Scarpa Denali XT and it's enough! Now I am switching to Dynafit bindings and I am looking forward to try Dynafit Aero boots.


They will be in MEC at the middle of November.

If this boot doesn't fit I will be in trouble because my second choice will be boot I can't try. I can only order them over the net.

It will be a gamble cry.gif, but ...

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How do the Garmont boots do? Mega-ride vs. g-ride? Mega-ride seems to be a lighter weight version of the g-ride. Does it ski as well? Adrenalin seems to be an alpine boot with a hinged cuff - to much boot even for moderate touring. Maybe I'm wrong. In addition, the g-ride weights little less than the adrenalin - seems like with a difference of 2 oz. you might as well go all out with the adrenalin. Lowa's are crazy heavy - 9lbs. G-lites weight as much as the mega-rides. Mega's seem like the best of all worlds if they ski well (except for price of course). Agree/disagree? Nobody's mentioned dynafit.

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I can only speak for the G-rides- I love 'em, because they're light as hell (& comfy & warm). Their performance is pretty good, but I (a mediocre skiier at best) think I'm missing out on some perfomance cuz they're just not as stiff as a beefy in-bounds boot.

I can happily recommned them, but I don't know shit, so weigh my opinion accordingly.

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Adrenalins have now offically replaced my Lange L10 Race boots as my ski anything boot. I originally bought them just for the BC, but after skiing them for the last three weeks, I see no need to ski inbounds in anything else.

I skied the Megarides all last year and if you are a big guy and at all aggressive, you will be making serious concessions to your ski style with the lighter boot. I would never have skied them at a resort.

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I bought g-rides late last season (once they went on sale) and LOVE them! After a few seasons of using koflach lace up boots I was all set to get get a pair of light weight boots (ie scarpa lazers or garmont g-lites) but when I went to buy, the only boots still in stock that would fit were the g-rides. I was all set to blow off the purchase as I thought they would be too much boot for my needs when the salesman related that ever since he got g-rides he left his lazers in the closet. For a tall performance boot they tour/hike very well. Of course they are more clunky than climbing boots, but with the therm a form liner they are cushy on my feet. No blisters at all! And they ski soooo much better- never believed it when people said you had to have real AT boots for B/C skiing- but I'm a believer now.


Summary: Garmont boots Rock!

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