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Fungus among us


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You can eat the Aminita Musc. after some special treatment, but I can't help you with that.


I used to have a lot of experience, but I haven't gone out picking for a while, so I'm not up on the best places anymore.


One of the main distinguishing features is a sticky clear membrain on the top of the cap that stays intact briefly after you break the cap.


Don't pick anything you are not really sure of There are some little brown mushrooms that don't get you high but do fuck up your kidneys.

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My roommate and I tried Amanitas by drying them in the oven then brewing a tea out of them (following some advice we found on the web.) We were a bit cautious, so drank some of the tea, waited, drank some more, waited, etc. Didn't really feel anything except maybe a slight sense "social relaxation"...not very concerned about judgement or judging. Also got a pretty bad stomach ache. Overall, not that worth it I thought.


I also remember something about having to scrape off the whitish stuff on top well, as it contains cyanide(?)

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the ones you want are species Psilocybe stuntzii; a.k.a. blue ringers. This species was classified by and named after a U of W professor because they were found growing on UW campus near a biology building(?). After you pick them they turn blue as the psilocybin is exposed to the air. They have a distinctive blue ring. Do not bother harvesting Amanitas. The ones that grow in PNW plentifully are blue ringers. Look on recently put down (fresh sod) sub-urban or ex-urban lawns. Pictures are available online. I suppose you could hunt around in cow pastures for Psilocybe semelanciata (Liberty Bells, or Liberty Caps) but I am not as familiar with that species. You should focus your (obviously abundant) energies on P. stuntzii since they are plentiful and easy to classify. Oh, and .... you need to eat a lot of em.

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