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If Kerry and Bush were climbers...


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I don't know the author of this and it came from a friend a NEClimbs.com


I envision Kerry as an aging tradster. Kerry started at a young age,

working his way through the ranks, putting in the blood and sweat that

used to be necessary to improve. North American wall? check. Wyoming

sheep ranch? check. Astroman and Bachar Yerian? Check, check. Kerry also spent his

time in the Himalayas attempting the big peaks. Three times he escaped

near death experiences as was rewarded with articles of his bravery. His

detractors, though, claim his wounds were superficial, though, and they

feel Kerry was way too reckless in his mountaineering comand. Kerry even

did his duty overseas. When America needed strong climbers to compete in

sport climbing comps in Europe, he answered the call, only to come home

completely disillusioned by the whole mess. Since then, he has been an

outspoken critic on overbolting, chipping, gluing and the general

narcissim of the competition Climbing world. He is not above the use of

bolts or powerdrills, but only when it is absolutely necessary and

passes a "locals test". While Kerry's personal values do not really

support Sport Climbing, he feels that a person should have own right to

choose what is best for them. While he did put up some desperate

crimping bolder problems in his day, he is far to tall and lanky to

perform well on today's powerful bolder problems. His partners speak

volumes about his intelligence and thoughtful approach to the sport.


Pinning him down to a climb, though, can be a task. First, he wants to

do the Muir Wall. Then when it comes time to do the Muir wall, he is

talking about doing Bushido.


I see Bush as a sport climber who was born with a silver carabiner in

his mouth. Born of climbing lineage, many people feel he has been a

sucessful climber by default and genetics rather than talent and

personal accomplishment. By most accounts, his brother is really the

better climber.


Having been tutored by some of climbings greats, he trained in private

gyms and was guided on Americas classic climbs. Being a part of the gym

generation, Bush never had to earn his keep on runout face climbs and

manky cracks. His early climbing career is shrouded in mystery. Many

people have spoken of his early routes being overgraded and chipped to

fit his personal style. Many claim he was a cronic gluer, and lied about

the routes he climbed in his home state of Texas. Unfortunately, we will

never know the truth as those early climbs have been erased from

history. Apparently, his supporters crowbarred the holds and bolts off

the climbs so people could never discover the truth. Depite his alleged

cronic glue use and chipping years ago, Bush supports stiff penalties

for people glue users and chippers.


While Kerry was bloodying himself in battle on Gasherbum II, Cho Oyu,

Makalu and attempts of K2, Bush, through his family influence, got a

prime spot in Hidden Valley in J-tree. Some people claim that many of

his climbing exploits from this time were falsified by a family friend

under pressure to make Bush look good in the climbing community's eyes.

Bush claims that whether you are in the Himalayas or J-tree, climbing is

a noble pursuit, but most people see the difference between the

Himalayas and J-tree. Partners talk about his singleminded determination

as his key to success. His lack of ability to alter his approach,

though, can lead to problems. Currently, he has been working on Just Do

It. Bush refuses to change his beta, despite most climbers telling him

that he has the sequence all wrong. Many feel he may be stuck on this

climb for years unless he changes his approach.


Over the years, Bush has owned several climbing gyms, but he ran all of

them into bankruptcy.

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So I just looked at the Mass regs and they have shotgun, archery, and muzzleloader for deer, no regular centerfire rifle season.


I don't know about Mass, but there have been some large B&C and P&Y scored whitetails come out of upstate NY. It's not a consistent trophy producer like the upper midwest, southeast, or Saskatchewan. Check out this one, the Mass typical record 193 3/8 Boone and Crockett score taken in 2002. Thing had a 25" inside spread:



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16 point on cape cod? Please! Here are some more sports hero type of shit.


For instance, he reminisced with ESPN about his career at Yale: "We had a great lacrosse team my senior year at college." According to the 1966 Yale yearbook,


Kerry was indeed on the lacrosse team ? the junior varsity.


Then there's marathon running. Kerry claims to have once run the Boston Marathon. This is proving as hard to verify as the 1968 Christmas in Cambodia that he said "seared, seared into my memory." So far, he has told more versions of his Marathon run than Rosie Ruiz:


ESPN last July: "I ran a marathon back in '80, something like that. Did the Boston Marathon."


Runner's World, November issue: "Ran the Boston Marathon in the '70s, but said he doesn't recalls his time, and no official record exists."


Boston University Daily Free Press, 2002: "Kerry, who fired the starter's pistol . . . lamented the fact that time constraints had made it impossible for him to run in the Marathon, which he participated in 20 years ago."


Most runners can remember every major marathon they've run, not just the year, but their time, and where they finished. But John Kerry doesn't even recall the decade in which he ran the biggest race of his life.

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Harpell, everybody here's silent about the Boston marathon deal. It touches a nerve, 'cause every one of you hardmen/women here knows that it's true: If you trained for and ran a marathon/climbed a big mtn/etc., you would be able to remember some facts about it pretty damn clearly.


As for deer, I live in the East way out in the sticks. This is hunting and farming country, and I'll bet I see whitetail deer almost every morning or evening. Started deer hunting 36 years ago (I was 8; gave up deer hunting but I like to observe them). Willstric is correct---in several states you can use shotgun or rifle. But I have never seen nor heard of a 16-pointer on the East Coast. Ever.


Kerry's pulling a -!

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Massachusetts, where the largest buck ever taken measured out at only 12 points.




"Manoogian hunts Worcester County, which traditionally is the No. 1 producer of trophy bucks in Massachusetts. In fact, according to the Northeast Big Buck Club, Worcester County has produced more record-book bucks than any other county in all of New England."




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No shit, an hour ago a biz contact returned a call from earlier in the week. This guy retired from a Democratic job in our state some time ago. He said "I'm calling you from a deer stand on the eastern shore of Maryland." This guy is the most intense hunter I know. Whether it's deer in Carolina or impala in Africa, he loves hunting it.


I said, "John, before I forget it, settle an issue for me. John Kerry claims he almost bagged a 16-pointer in Massachusetts. Have you ever seeen or heard of a 16-pointer on the East Coast?" He burst out laughing. "Rob, the brethren in Massachusetts have a long-standing history of exaggeration. I don't think the man who got a 100% rating from PETA ever saw a 16-point buck."


Unfortunately, the fucker ended the call abruptly before we got to business...he hissed into the cellphone that a deer was coming in. He must've got it, 'cause he hasn't called back yet.

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16-point snaf.gif



"I saw a 16 point buck"


"Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction"



Please compare and contrast the importance and impact of these two lies.







This might be a possible topic of my next paper...

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