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Articulated Space Blanket


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It was quite a while ago, but I think I remember seeing in one of these threads a link to a company that made sort of a knock off on the space blanket. They made a sleeping bag that looked like several space blankets held together accordian-style by elastic, forming hundreds of pockets of dead air space. The whole thing only weighed a few ounces.


Does anyone know who that company is, or the link to their website?

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Yep, that's it. Thanks, lawgoddess. I thought it was originally made by a company in a foreign country (like the UK), but maybe I was wrong.


Man, I gotta get me one of those vest thingy's... that way if I ever get lost in the woods I can stay warm and someone will surely find me! They just probably wouldn't talk to me... they would never be able to stop laughing. [laf]

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