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5 best routes in PNW


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Satisfaction (Eugene columns)

Hydrotube (flagstone)

West Face Variation (the Monkey)

Liberty Crack (WA pass)

West Buttress Blueberry Hill (Darrington)


P.S. Jain, you really climbed all those climbs? what about charlies chimney? I think you must kick ass.

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mt hood - north face in fall

mt stuart - complete n ridge or don't do it at all

mt rainier - anyway up that big bitch...kautz is my fav so far

monkey face - gotta agree w/ the west face variation (but go left at the first set of chains)

beacon rock - again, just about anyway to the top is fantastic. can't decide between young warriors (complete w/ updyke smoke-down) or dod's jam (harder) as my fav

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I second The Bone at Castle Crag in worthLeavin'

I gotta disagree with the W.Butt of Blueberry hill. I was very dissapointed, BUT the other mixed and bolted climbs looks AWESOME! Can't wait to try those.


Looks like I gotta step it up and do some of these recomended climbs.

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*DEB SEWS + SW Rib link (thanks BP)

Barber Pole + NF Concord + WF NEWS link (thanks BP)

Davis-Holland/Lovin' Arms (thanks BP)

Synchronicity, Lillooet (thanks Dave + Ken)

Zebra-Zion, Smith Rocks (Thanks Lunger)

*Liberty Ridge, Rainier (thanks AS)

*West Buttress, Denali (sort of PNW right?) (Thanks J and J)

Outer Space (the first time I did it, the second time wasn't as exhilarating)

*WR Forbidden (pretty much my first genuine "alpine" rock climb)

Da Toof + Bryant ridge traverse, seriously. (first alpine solo)

*Hood, South Side (my first cascade volcano, beautiful sunrise, etc)




edit: OK, if I can only pick 5, I'll go with the *ed ones.




Most looked forward to climbs I haven't done yet (this list makes me sad because I didn't do ANY of them this year)


Complete N. Ridge Stuart

SF Prusik (I'll stay on route next time, I promise)

NEB Slesse

NF Hood

Triple Couliors, Dragontail





Great topic skyclimb. I'll be adding several more routes to my "to do" list after reading this thread.

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Wow, you've only done 2 trad routes, and they're both on your top 5! blush.gifwink.gif


Shut up, mean Canadian-head. DFA has climbed many of Smith Rock's classic 5.8-and-under trad pitches! cry.gifcry.gifcry.gif


Yeah, don't you hold the FFCOA of Spiderman? That's the "First Face Climbing Only Ascent" for those not up on their acronyms.

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Mount Olympus - Blue Glacier - A beautiful mountain

Mount Redoubt - NE Face - Great, remote alpine ice route.

Cathedral Peak - SE Buttress - Best rock in the northwest, maybe the world.

Mount Slesse - North Rib - 25 sustained pitches on good rock

Forbidden Peak - NW Face - Awesome & committing line


Two of them I did this summer, so freshness of memory has an influence. They are all hard to get too and take time. It's hard to limit it to 5.

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