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Helens' Changing Landscape


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Last night on the snooze they showed a new 60' spire sticking straight up out of one of the domes!

"Last one to the top is a rotten e........ AAAAHHHH.... the lava burns..... it's hot.... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"


And if I have to hear that stupid-ass statement of "red hot magma" one more time on the snooze........ rolleyes.gif

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I just hope they don't close the mountain for climbing for years after that like they did after 1980's eruption.




The reason it was closed for so long afterwards is because the mountain was having periodic steam eruptions and dome-building lava flows untill 1986 or so (pretty much the same scenario we have today)....


Maybe if St. Helens continues at this rate it will grow as tall as Rainier in a couple years.... or maybe taller the_finger.gif

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