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MRNP Gate Hours in the fall


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Hi All,

Firstly I apologize for posting this simple question, but I am not seeing it on the MRNP website. When do they stop leaving the gates open 24 hours? What are the shortened hours? In particular I will be going in through the Nisqually entrance in the next few weeks.


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They never close the gates at the Nisqually entrance. If you go in before the guard is there (7:00am?) and after the guard leaves (5:00pm?) you will not have to pay an entrance fee.


They close the gates at Longmire in the winter at 4:00 for uphill traffic. They open them dependant on weather.

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In the winter it depends on the wether and who is running things that day. I don't waste my time going down there in the winter because I will have now idea when the gate will open if at all. Eavan if it doesn't snow the night before and the road is fine they may not open it till 9. If the right ranger is there it may be open at 6 or 7. Be prepared to do something on Rampart Ridge, the long way into Van Trump Park. Eavan if you call ahead the person on the phone will have no clue what time it will open.

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