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Snow pickets


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Among the MSR Coyote, SMC picket, and Yates Expedition picket, is one better than the others? They're all about the same price and weight (the Yates is a bit lighter). It looks like the Yates and the SMC will go in better because they have a pointed end. I'm leaning towards the Yates (poubnding surface and a pointed end that doesn't seem as threatening to my pack and body as the SMC). I have carried a borrowed Coyote but haven't used it, so I don't know how easy it is to pound in hard stuff.


Any recommendation backed by experience?



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i've used a number of pickets, and to be quite honest i don't have any preference, other than i hate carrying the 3 footers. i've never really noticed a difference with pointed ends or not (if it's really hard put in a screw). although the tops of some really get bashed up easily(soft aluminum). all that said i am having my buddy make me some for way cheaper, but he is a machinist at cannondale and has the tools to get the job done. my $0.02 buy the cheapest it doesn't make a difference which one you get.

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The Yates are not nearly as strong as the MSR. I'd want to have at least one MSR on my pack for crevasse rescue.


Huh? I mean, HUH? What sort of snowpack are you placing your pickets in? Gleaming blue snowpack?


Proud owner of a couple of those Yateses wink.gif


It doesn't matter one bit what type you get, so just pick the prettiest colors. Mine are orange! They brighten up the gear collection quite a bit, especially since they never leave the house.


If you really have to be anal about it, the T shape is classic and does the job, the L shape has a packing benefit and packs the snow diagonally outwards which supposedly helps (but your buddies will place the picket backwards so nevermind), and the guards on the top of the picket actually make it live longer but only if you're hung up on not tearing apart the rest of the gear. Oh, and did I mention the pretty colors? Cost more though...

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