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gear wanted and gear for sale


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I have a pair of large Marmot Gortex alpine climbing pants for sale. Too heavy for my needs- I bought them before I saw them and haven't used them. They are about 3 years old. Pics available. I am asking 150.


I am gearing up for a NOLS course in Patagonia, and am looking for a few odds and ends.


-asteralplane size medium

-A pair of plastics (Koflach Degree or comperable)size 11.5

-12 point crampons

-harness with adjustable legs (I think I may want to buy this new, but if you have something good...)


I am a poor college student, so I can't afford too much but let me know if you have anything that may work at a reasonable price.



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He's just jealous. yellaf.gif


Yeah man, say what you will about NOLS. I have heard it all, but every NOLS instructer I have met has been remarkable. I have had the opportunity to work with a couple out here and love 'em. I am super pumped for my semister. Coming from MN it is very diffiuct to gain experience in the mountains- especially technical skills. Hopefully my course will spend some time on the glaciers southern chile in known for.


By the way, I am still looking for size 11 Koflach boots.

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