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Directions to Mailbox pk. trailhead?


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The Mailbox TH is at the point where the pavement ends and gravel/hardpack begins. You will find a large pullout on the left, and where a gated spur road with some added parking space is on the right. The hike up the road and location of the trail is adequately described. I've done the trail many times and it does make for a good cardio work out.


Other good workouts can be found on Si (old trail), Tennerife, McClellan or Granite. At least those are my favorites. I usually reserve Si only for when the weather is really bad or it is too crowded for my tastes.

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Could you do us all a favor? The trailhead is SUPPOSED to be marked by a toothbrush. Some rascal swiped it (he probably had his girlfriend along and had forgotten to brush that morning). Please replace the toothbrush. I think it was a Crest brand. The toothbrush should be lashed to a tree on the left where the trail leaves the logging road.

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A block of wood with an arrow on it might work better.


We had similar problems with our hubcap trail markers in

Darrington. Somebody kept thinking they looked trashy

and they would diappear almost as fast as we could

collect them along the road.

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