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NW Mountaineering Journal, Issue 1, Summer 2004


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Northwest Mountaineering Journal, Issue 1, Summer 2004


The premiere issue of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal is now available on the web. See:




This issue covers new climbing routes, first winter ascents, first ski descents, and pioneering traverses in the Cascades. It contains historical articles about crag, alpine and big wall rock climbing, guiding, and ski mountaineering. It also contains profiles of Northwest mountaineers and highlights from Mount Rainier and North Cascades National Parks. In short, it's a good example of what we hope will be an annual publication about all aspects of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest.


I'd like to thank everyone who contributed photos, stories, and information for this issue. I'd also like to thank the great team of volunteers who edited the journal and the folks at CascadeClimbers.com and the The Mountaineers who provided invaluable support.


We hope you enjoy this issue and will begin looking forward to the next one.


The 2004 Northwest Mountaineering Journal Team


Ralph Bodenner

Steve Firebaugh

Paul Klenke

Alex Krawarik

Matt Perkins

Gordy Skoog

Lowell Skoog

Gary Yngve

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mtnfreak, the issue with offering it as a PDF is the layout would have to be redone entirely to offer the same quality product, which as you might imagine, would be quite a bit of work. If there are a lot of requests for a PDF version for future editions, we'll certainly consider it.


olyclimber, in an ideal world, we would have a print version too -- but that costs money (as well as time). And we are striving to keep the goal of no advertising.


blakej, the plan is to have it be an annual thing!

In addition to the volunteer effort by the editors, that means we also need people climbing exciting stuff, as well as sending us submissions for historical, biographical, etc., pieces.

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Very nice. Thanks for all the hard work.


On the PDF question, I have a question for you. You've probably hashed this all out in great detail already, so feel free to ignore my comments below. Are you doing the layout directly in a web-editing program (dreamweaver, frontpage)? Or in a print-oriented layout program (indesign, quark)? Because if you were to use the latter, it would simplify the web/pdf question. Most higher end layout programs these days make it simple to export in BOTH pdf and html formats, (including linking directly to both low and high resolution images for the respective format, etc). You can then add navigation elements as required to the html pages. The extra time this takes is more than made up for by the time you save using a layout program's more sophisticated style sheets, etc. Just a thought, since it doesn't appear to me that you are doing much "web only" type stuff (flash animations, interactive or user-input driven content, etc), rather you are already basically using a print journal paradigm and just using the web for distribution.

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Ok, wow, HOLY CRAP!


Kudos to all. It's this kind of thing that's going to make the PNW a destination living area for adrenaline junkies (yeah, yeah, it already is, but still).


You guys have produced a high-quality magazine. I would pay money to receive a print version. I urge you to consider doing a high-quality print version ($30, $45 a copy? I bet people would be willing to pay it: I would). The Harder article alone is worth that.


Thanks guys!


- a s s m * n k e y

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I want to thank everyone for all of the very positive praise that we’ve received on our first-issue-effort, both on this forum and privately. I’m amazed.


We could not have done the journal without the fine material that came to us. As much as we do our best to polish words, optimize pictures and make appealing web pages, if the material lacks real content, you can’t engage critical readers.


I think we need to make sure substantial thanks to go those who made the content—the contributing climbers. Those of us who made the journal are recorders and messengers of the message, but are mostly (Lowell, of course, was a significant creator of content) not the message. With no message, what would we have?


I join Gary, Lowell and the rest of the editors in encouraging you all to contribute or to continue to contribute the landmark stories that we seek to include. We are nothing without you.

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You guys did an awesome job: thanks for sharing. I particularly like seeing that old folks I know are still cranking: Wayne Wallace and John Petrosky come to mind. Hadn't seen John for probably some 20+ years, anyone sees him say hi for me.


My palms were sweating in a couple of places. Reading Waynes piece on Logan knowing that by the time it have gotten a "little dicey" for Wayne I probably would have already Pissed and shit all over my self in fear was one of them.


The content and layout are first class throughout, great work fellas.

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This is great!


Some of the requests for a paper version set me thinking...


Why does everyone want a paper version? As an insurance policy against the Mountaineers dropping the project and the information being lost?


Do people really want a PDF version or just something more printable, like a single web page version of each edition that's easier to print?


Great job...



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