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New Guidebook Beta Request


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Between climbs this summer, I am planning on writting a guidebook to climbs in West, with emphasis on the PNW. I know there are a bunch of select guidebooks and 50 classic types out there already. What I would like to do is write an "online" guidebook to routes that YOU think are fun. I want to include routes that are not in any select book. Random examples would be climbs like the Ptarmigan Traverse, Gato Negro, Green Dragon, the Pickets Traverse, N. Face Davis Peak, Zero Gully, etc... I do not plan on violating any copyrights. After I get a list of routes I want to include, I will email or call you for the beta. I won't include your name with the route so people can't blame it being shitty on you personally.


Areas: Anywhere from Alaska to mexico, the pacific ocean to the rockies. PNW climbs are the focus however.


Climbs: Traverses,Long Alpine Rock to easy 5.11, easy alpine rock, alpine ice to any difficulty, water ice to WI5,aid to easy A3, longer crag routes. Can't already be in a select book.


Please write back with as many routes as you can think of that you have climbed. Include a short description of the type of climbing, location, and difficulty. After that, I will contact you for more information. As I will not be making any money off this project, I can't pay you. If you think the fist ascentionist would be pissed if I wrote his or her route up, please include their names and I'll ask their permission. Please fwd this email to anyone you think would be of service.


I really hope you concider doing this for me because I think it would be very cool to have a guidebook like this available.


If you know my email address, please email me, otherwise send me a PM (private message).

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just what people need....another instruction manual.


good thinking mike.

i suppose having six topos of the same route with different perspectives is better than one or none at all. mushsmile.gif


Since you can't read, it shouldn't matter to you anyway. I'm not looking for routes already in selected books. Instruction manual? I'm sure you've never used a topo before. I hate books that inspire and get me dreaming of journeys ahead.

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maybe you should link those threads with the good beta to a printer or word program or even save them as thread favorites....


is the chiropractic profession not looking very promising for you or something...or do you need more money cuz the goverment won't loan you enuff???

anyrate, go for it and good luck....

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hey just cuz i am polish you little beyotch...doesn't make me a dumbass.....

you say stuff gets lost in a mound of crap

i say print it off before it is lost or save to your favorites..

where did i say routes you don't know about?

maybe you can't read.

climbers learn about many routes after they are posted here...

eg infinite bliss, gato negro, triple c's, traverses of many peaks, or even the northern dihedral on snow creek wall...

the point is mikey, i think your time would be better spent studying for the chiro exams then writing another instruction manual online or not...

but, what do i know, i am polish and a dumbass and definitely not as cool as you so go for it.

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let me get this straight


WE climb the routes.

WE send beta to Mikey

Mikey "writes" a "non profit" guidebook without using our names in any way:

I won't include your name with the route so people can't blame it being shitty on you personally.


So the end product is a list of routes, suspect beta, not checked personally by Mike, but no names but Mike Laytons in it. Shit it sounds like a GREAT IDEA. thumbs_up.gif

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heck, maybe he just want's your beta, so he can go climb it (or the route next to it that you were checking out while climbing it)


In my limited experience, beta is nice to have... I have found many a fantastic ice climbs by people telling me to park at a certain mile maker, and then hike towards "the black notch in the rock" or what have you, and damn, whadda ya know... there is some ice nestled back in them there hills, that I never would have found without someone giving me a tip or two (a sketch on a napkin of a diner works well) wink.gif

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doesn't smoot have one of these? you could simply offer to help him update that site..

names are actually good beta since many humans climb in poor style......i prefer routes done in good style.....


otherwise you need software sponsors.....look at map zoom in get beta query choose....climb....simple...no spray...no metrip report crap...just beta...approach send decend.......

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