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Topo Maps from DeLorme


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So I was at DeLome headquarters in Maine (the company that makes the Gazateer) and they have this program that custom makes topo maps anywhere in the US. So I put the guy to the test and had him zero in on Access Creek off the Big Beaver trail and basically all of Luna Creek Cirque. I was so impressed with the detail I bought the program for $100.00. I have not tried it out yet, but it appears you can view and print maps in 3-D! Anyway, just curious if anyone else has experience on this program. Delorme touts it as the most comprehensive data available!

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I have and use Delorme's version (Version 2.0) when my other Topo! doesn't cover the area I'm interested in (e.g., extreme NE Okanogan, east of Lake Chelan, out-of-Washington, etc.). I think Topo! was bought out by National Geographic. Or maybe it was another company.


Although Delorme has some interesting features it does not compare to Topo! in detail. Topo! looks just like USGS maps and for me USGS maps represent the best possible (7.5" quadrangle I'm speaking of here). Beware that although Delorme has multiple zoom levels the level of detail does not improve. The most glaring deficiency here is the lack of cliffs showing up. USGS/Topo!/Green Trails basically always shows cliffs. Delorme will not.


Nice features for Delorme: nationwide area, easily calculates distances on roads and trails and point-to-point, printing is easier than for Topo! (different scales possible), others I'm not remembering.


Bad features for Delorme: lack of cliffs showing up, GUI layout problems, no way to back-up (erase backward) a route being created, topographical data missing at certain intermediate zoom levels, some crashing problems (especially after printing), others I'm not thinking of.


The 3-D feature I have found to be useless from a climbing standpoint. It's interesting to toy with every once in a while but I find it does not provide me with much insight--not for a discerning climber anyway.


So, have fun with it. It serves it's purpose and like any software has room for improvement. Perhaps you have a better (newer) version than me.



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My version is 4.0 so maybe some improvements have been made. The map I got of Luna Cirque seemed to show cliffs from the stand point the topo lines were one on top of another in 50' gradients. Also showed forest and open ground. They tout not just scanning USGS maps but actually updating data. I'd love to see TOPO! version of Luna Cirque to compare. Can you paste in an email to me or here on CC?

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I'm sorry, I have version 3.0 of Delorme, not 2.0. I apparently can't read. Duh.


I'm looking in to posting a pic here. I don't have my own URL so I may have to email the Luna Cirque Topo! map to you. I'll make a quick Topo! for you then send it.

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