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any one ever climb in Ecuador in June/July


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I know Ecuador is a little bit far from the Cascades , but I have posted a question awhile ago on the South American Explorers Club website without any answers yet. Thought maybe someone here might know .


I am thinking about trying a trip to Ecuador, in the western range and my partner is available in June or July. I know Dec. and Januray to be the best time to go, but how are the snow/glaciers conditions to be expected in the summer? It is a dry piriod as far as precipitation that follows a wet piriod in the spring, and august is supposed to have horrendous winds.Of course this is all rule of thumb.

Anyone got any feed back on this?

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hey Wormfighter, congrats. cool.gifI've been down there before in Novemeber.Weather on Cotopaxi was horrendous, no body made it very far up while we were there. A Canadien team summited the day we got there, but they were the only ones for atleast the week.Weather on Chimbo was a little iffy also, but we had a window of dry enough weather, made it to 19,800 before being turned around by the time and some pretty bad altitude sickness.Want to go back and finish it.How did the Direct glacier route look, the big ice jumble strait up from the refuge?That would be my preference,then descend the standard route.


I have read that the weather is generally pretty good in July, I just don't know what to expect. If it is mostly icey or good snow?In general. I'd rathger go in Decemeber January, but just trying to see if the summer is worth while or not.

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