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[TR] Mt Hood- Granny's Asscrack 6/22/2004


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Climb: Mt Hood-Granny's Asscrack


Date of Climb: 6/22/2004


Trip Report:

Luetholds - shitty slush to my knees (and i ain't exactly short) from the top of the skilift to illum gap and beyond. miserable snow. luetholds resembled the chocolaty asscrack of a 60 year old crack-whore w/ a severe disregard for personal hygiene...frequent loose brown slides pouring down from above. knee deep in dirty filth..coulda figured up a whole bunch more inspiring things to do today.


Gear Notes:

zen buddhism


Approach Notes:

snow conditions soul suck the descending triple scrotum of satan

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Sometimes a TR comes along that reminds us all just why it is we climb. It's times like this when I wish we could all have a big group hug, and not be ashamed of the tears that slowly slide down our faces. Thanks, Ivan, ya big palooka, for helping us remember why we play this crazy game called climbing.

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