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shade at Index


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When do the crags at Index go into the shade? I seem to recall that The Country goes into the shade earlier than the Lower Wall. Maybe 2pm? How about the Upper Wall?


I'm hoping to climb there tomorrow, but seems like it will be too hot in the sun now.


Thanks, --erikn@myphysicslab.com

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the upper wall shoudl be fine all day if there is a slight breeze. the country actually seems to be the warmest section of the lower wall. check out some of the crags below the upper wall to stay in the shade.


2pm sounds about right for the lower wall

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Yes erik, probably super hot now. We roasted aiding up on the Upper wall the other day.


Lower wall probly goes in the shade around 3 or 4 o'clock.


Try the toxic shock area for some shade. There is a good .11 there for you.


Have fun! See ya around,



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hit toxic shock today and it was in the sahde all day long [smile] there were only a couple cars there for a few hours....it was great no-one was there...freking hot though.....plus over by thin fingers there is some shade after like 2:30 or so......

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