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Mt Shasta


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Tried to climb hotlam bolam glacier route Memorial day weekend they weather was WINDY!! was turned back at 12000ft. Was so bad we had a hard time communicating. We had to shout in order to hear each other. We started at 3 from 9500 and am figure we turned around at 6am or so. Ther were 3 groups behind us they all turned around also at aprox the same alt. Except for the wind the conditions were great!! the snow was in perfect shape figured air temp was in teens WC was WAY below 0 we had a hard time starying warm as we were walking. I wanted to add some pictures but how the heck do I do that. I have them on my hard drive.

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upload them to the Photo Gallery, then insert them into your post with url and the button.


You could also post reports like this as a TR ("Post New TR" button at the top of the screen when viewing the forum). Then your account will be easily refrenced by using the Trip Report Index.


Any open crevases on the Hotlum? Did you ski in?


Thanks bigdrink.gif

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