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Mem weekend?


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You'll be able to find this gaper at Smith this weekend also. I'll be rolling in, chafeured by ehmmic in the stylin' snugtop.gif (in white, not red), sometime late Saturday AM.


Distel32, are you heading down this weekend? When are you gonna finish chain? wazzup.gif


See y'all there.

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hey man, I have the endurance for that route!


I just can't sit on the horn quite right. I haven't been on it since Novemeber, and I feel much stronger now. So we'll see next time I make it down.


Can't make it down this weekend Paco, already got some plans. Have fun on the tuft! Send Zebra Seam already!

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the minx family will be headed to smiffy this w/e. hopin to send w/Paco and ehmmic; eddie and harem. we'll be stylin in the red pathfinder; readily identifiable by the 9yr old following along. come share a bigdrink.gif (but not w/the kid)

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I'll be there tomorrow, going up tonight most likely to camp. I'll be the blonde chick in the cherry red subu outback that has kayaking and climbing stickers on the back of it..


when Im climbing I usually have my cowboy hat on if Im not on the rock, easy to spot.




say hi, we can climb a few and grab a bigdrink.gif


yeah for smith!!



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