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Bloom County Is Back!!!!!


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I got the sunday paper delivered to my house by accident and saw that Bloom Country, formerly Outland, is back and entitled, "Opus."

Granted this weeks strip wasn't very funny.


So what did I miss so far???

I hope Hodgepodge, Portnoy, Milo, Steve Dallas, and Cutter John are gonna be in it!


I miss the muppet-like frivolity of the original early strips.

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It was actually Bloom County first, then Outland. Now its Opus. And I think its every bit as funny as its predecessors.


that's what i said. opus was formerly outland. jeeesh.

so what's the story line, I stopped reading the paper a long long time ago (about 1/2 through Outland).

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A mere shadow of Bloom County...


Found the correct quote - by Breathed from an Onion interview...


"Oh, to hell with that, I miss the money. If I could have drawn a cat yelling for lasagna every day for 15 years and have them pay me $30 million to do so, I would have."

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I learned a long time ago (f***'d up once) that if I was to start thinking long-term about a gal, she'd come with an appreciation of Bill and Opus and ask me if I practiced Steve Dallas's method of dating....


Turns out we both think Bloom County was better than Outland. We're still up in the air on OPUS. Not sure how long the development is going to take. If we hadn't been ardent fans before, the current strip would be dry. What it's been six months now? The drawings and colors are great though!

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