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Metolius Carabiner Recall


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I sent this link to all my climbing buddies and here is a response that one of my friends recieved from someone he sent the link to. Enjoy.


"Thanks for the heads up Greg. I don’t need to worry though because I’m still using the biners that I bought in Maine back in the nineties. I recently put them through a test by using them to connect the 2 chains together that I use pulling out stumps and rocks. I also had them fall from the back of my truck (no gun rack yet but coming soon) onto I40 and get run over by 300 or so trailer trucks. That worried me a bit because I know their not really made for that so I checked them for cracks, straightened the bends and re-riveted the broken gate pins with some rolled up tin foil (that shit never rusts). I also decided to heal any internal cracks by cooking them in my patio fireplace then quickly cooling them in icewater so that they wouldn’t warp.




Anyone want to go climbing?? I’ve got the gear…."

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