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looking for a puffy


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A buddy of mine is looking a for a "puffy" either down or synthetic but prefers down.


So generally what are some insulated jackets that you recommend.


And specifically, does anyone know of any place with a deal right now?


Criteria: fairly light weight and compressible for mostly three season use, cut large as a belay jacket, and as cheap as possible.


Thanks in advance wave.gif

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I have a DAS and really like it, but mainly for belaying when ice climbing. It has lots of nice features; oversize hood, mesh pockets for drying gloves.


I found it warm enough for ice climbing in New England / New York and in Lill'wet this New Year (when it was actually cold).


It is pretty bulky though. For alpine I often take something smaller and lighter, like a down sweater or Wild Things primaloft jacket.

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Lots of synthetic choices suggested here...how about down. Say down jackets without a hood. Light weight and compressible. I have a TNF Nuptse and like it for the most part....a little heavy compared to others, but not bad.


Any other down suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Pesronally I think Down is the better choice for drier colder weather. No synthetic touchs down when it comes to overall warmth. unfortunately the tradeoff is it's more work to keep dry and all that.


Feathered friends obviously makes very good down jackets. I also love my western mountaineering flight jacket. It's a big too thin for cold winter days I would think, but it only weighs 10 oz and works great in pretty much any other conditions. I would say all and all it is warmer than my primaloft sweater despite weighing 6 oz less.

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Some good options, and their down jackets are priced WELL

very good gear, amazing when you factor in the price (CDN)


If you mean three season Fall Winter Spring


I like mountain hardwear's sub zero parka


but I like the idea of the north face's summit

because it has reflective lining (no idea if it works!)

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I was actually thinking three season like spring, summer, fall. That why I was looking for lightweight, but reasonably priced.


I surfed by MEC and found an interesting synthetic jacket, but no decent down jackets (at least not any actually in stock).


The MH Sub Zero is a large bulky hooded and heavy parka. At 37 OZs. is is just too heavy and too bulky. thumbs_down.gif And for the money, $300.00, I'd never call that cheap. blush.gif


The TNF you suggest (summit) is decent, but still a bit heavy and more than I was looking for.


The TNF Nuptse is more along the lines of what I'm looking at. The Marmot down sweater is another good suggestion. I was looking for other brands in this category


But thanks for the suggestions anyway.

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What is that place down by Water Ave in PDX??? Gearline or something? Anyway, they had SD down puffers for under $60 last time I was in there.


And one more time:

US Outdoor doesn't sell the Forest Pass! thumbs_up.gif

Neither does Climbmax. thumbs_up.gif (unless they're - sponsors now...)


OMC, REI and the Mtn Shop all support the FDP. thumbs_down.gif

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It isn't cheap and it isn't down, but my vote is for the Wild Things Belay Jacket. It is pretty darn warm, and has an Epic shell for wind resistance and to prevent the insulation from getting wet.


It's overkill for summer, however. In summer, I like a down sweater.

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