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Alpine partner wanted


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I'm looking to hook up with someone to head into the mountains from now through the summer.


My goals include moderate alpine rock climbs (e.g. Forbidden, Stuart) and harder routes on bigger glaciers (Rainier-Liberty Ridge, Baker).


I'm 29, in good shape, with a decent amount of experience, but little leading. I can follow up to 5.9 or class IV ice, have tools, etc. Graduated from Moutaineers basic climbing class a few years ago. Have climbed Olympus, Glacier, Stuart, Rainier (Emmons), Tooth, Kangaroo Temple, S.Early Winter Spire, a good amount of sport rock and a bit of top rope ice.


I consider myself to be safe, determined, strong.

Would love to meet up with a competent leader to follow and learn from, or other independent folks with similar abilities as mine and a desire to enjoy the mountains.

I am organized and expect the same. (i.e. no bozos)


Right now, work in Seattle restricts my free time mostly to the weekends. I can share driving & have own gear.




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so far my roped-glacier-climbs only include olympus and glacier... would be waay into doing baker and/or rainier this summer, mebbe some other stuff too. laugh.gif


don't have any ice gear ('cept for glacier-related stuff like rope, crampons etc) and prolly won't be buying any this year. but if you got gear to lend, i'm game for whatever...

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