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[TR] SEWS- SW Coulior 4/10/2004

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Climb: SEWS-SW Coulior


Date of Climb: 4/10/2004


Trip Report:

Tara and I started with the masses of skiers and snowbarders in the bowl behind the Bell group and were probably the only ones without skis or snowboard (I wish I had brought mine). The snow conditions were perfect and barely any postholing (a little in the trees). The snow in the coulior was great though sparse compared to previous years. There is one section in the coulior where the rock is showing, about 3/4 way up. The route will probably last another few weeks (if that). Round trip time: 3 hr 40 min. Brought lots of extra gear and didn't use any of it, just ice axe and crampons. Downclimbed the route.


Gear Notes:

Picket (didn't use)

Screw (didn't use)

Pro (didn't use)

Rope (didn't use)

Snow Shoes (didn't bring)

Ice Axe



Approach Notes:

Snow from start and very distict trail, follow the ski and boot tracks!

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Hi Mountain Guy,


Thanks for filing your trip report. SEWS is great!


Just wondering, did you happen to get a look at the South Arete? Was there any snow left on the route? I'm just wondering if it would be totally crazy to hope that there might be some moderate mixed snow/rock climbing potential on the south arete, this time of year. Thanks for any info.

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At least two groups did the South Arete that day. There is still a good bit of snow on the route.


As far s the couloir goes, I disagree that it would last a few weeks. It'll be gone in a few days with this weather.


I disagree with

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You are probably right about how long the route will last, but the temps have dropped a bit so I would be hopeful that it will last for a week or so. As for the the amount of groups on the S. Arete, we were up-down-and-out.


Thanks for add'l comments. Were you on the S. Arete or up there skiing?

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