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Creepy and cool


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Excellent read.


Just this last weekend I drove with the family down to Portland. We passed by those cooling towers (I thought they were the never-used ones, is that right?), and had a discussion about nuclear power, and why people didn't like it. How they produce poison that's very tough to get rid of, etc.


Now I see this website. Crazy! I'm debating showing it to my kids. What do you think?

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Seems like the people that lived in the towns were totally clueless about nuclear reactors and radiation. If I saw some bigass fire and a shining cloud and glowing trees by the plant, I would be gettin the hell outa town as fast as I could and not standing on the bridge scoping it out. Gotta love those humane Soviets for explaining things to the residents. shocked.gif

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Many Americans think that all nuclear power plants are alike, and that what happened at Chernobyl could happen in this country. That is not true. The US has never used graphite moderated reactors. It was the graphite fire and steam explosion that accounted for the wide dispersal of radioactive materials.


There are now designs for small modular reactors that are completely incapable of meltdown, even if all the water is drained from them. A power plant would consist of a large number of these smaller units. It is highly unlikely that they will ever be built.

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