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How do you mark your gear?


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Insomnia struck this morning and I found myself pondering life's big questions...


What IS the best way to mark climbing gear? How do you mark yours?


I've seen someone go as far as laying all their metal gear out in the parking lot and spraying one side of it with purple spray paint....that was a little gaudy for my personal taste.

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I thought I was safely unique marking my gear with *two* Trango gear label thingies - I started with yellow, so I added blue (purple, supposedly). "catbirdseat" is right, that combination is as common as dirt, justabout. :/


After reading that blub in one o' the mags a few months back, I've been hesitant to re-mark my ropes with ink (they said someone or other tested that, and it weakens rope by like 30%) so I'm trying to find a new way. I hate using tape, but I think that's about the only other alternative, 'cept maybe a radioactive tracer, with a little Geiger counter installed in your belay device - hey, I should patent that!


- r

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Ok, so maybe I really don't have a clue here, but the rope's strength is in the core, right? The sheath is just to protect the core. If you were to mark the sheath with a marking pen, especially the Sharpie that has been specially relabled for just this purpose, you should be ok, right?


Fuck it, I'm buying premarked ropes. At least then someone can sue if the sheath fails and I fall to my death.

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Why is it that climbers will trust someone with their life but not their gear?


I do trust my partners with my gear. Just try sorting your gear out after a wall or some other long gear intensinve route. You could probably figure it out eventually but it makes it a hell of a lot easier if it is all marked.

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