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[TR] Mt. Hood- South Side 3/22/2004


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Climb: Mt. Hood-South Side


Date of Climb: 3/22/2004


Trip Report:

I climbed Mt. Hood for the first time on Monday. My friend and I climbed the Hogsback route, and it was his first time up there as well. We started around 2am and started slogging up. We brought a rope and glacier stuff, but it was useless. There were no crevasses and I couldn't even tell where the bergshrund would be. From reading the description in Selected Climbs, I was expecting something a bit more challenging, but it was cake. We summited right around sunrise. It was beuatiful on top. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Awesome views. We were the first ones on the summit and we saw some stragglers as we started our glissade down the snow slopes. All and all, a good, easy climb. A short climb as well.


Gear Notes:

Used Ice Axes and Crampons.

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"There were no crevasses and I couldn't even tell where the bergshrund would be."


I don't want to rain on your accomplishment, but I call bullshit. I climbed Mt. Hood, via the South Side, on Sunday. The potential crevasses and bergshrund are at 10,500', as plain as the nose in front of you. Just because they're well bridged and filled doesn't eliminate them, even if it did eliminate the need for a rope.

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Yes I did see the Mt. Hood shadow, that was really cool. And, actually we did cross a small crevasse come to think of it, so Yes, I guess there was a crevasse we had to cross, which may have been the bergshrund, I don't know, I have never seen the upper part of the mountain when the bergschrund andother crevasses are open. The point was that the bergshrund/crevasses weren't a problem.

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next time I climb down in that thing I'm going to put an FRS radio in there and shout stuff as people go by during the peak season




"hey little boy come over here.....HEY YOU, GET THE HELL OFF OF ME.......your mamma boulders!!" The possibilities are endless.



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