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You might be a Washington gaper if . . .


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Your 'tendon' injury is actually from your keyboard.


Your suntan comes from sitting too close to your screen.


You think going to a different gym is a road trip.


You post on CC with 4 avatars.


you ask, on a repeated basis, "so, how do you get the rope to the top of the pitch again?"


And finally:

if you have been heard saying, "I love the Mountaineers."

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- you maintain your own website to spray about your own accomplishments and climbing (and sailing) prowess


- you call it "Enigma Couloir" [Roll Eyes]


- you spray about your first ascent on the NF Big Four [Confused]


- you dont toke at Muir [Wazzup]


- you try to become a washington hardman, realize you have to actually grow a nutsack for that, and take up skiing instead [hell no]


- you shallowly change your online avatar name because people have somehow miskaken the lower case 'l' for an uppercase 'I'


- your cc.com avatar name happens to be your microsoft alias


- 3500 of the 3502 posts you have made to this site are meaningless [big Drink]


- you lambast the mountaineers for their high-impact activities, then go clip bolts, use chalk, and carry TP in the backcountry [Eek!]


- you use too many fucking emoticons in cc.com posts

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