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best of cc.com The Nodder?

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Did you say something? I couldn't hear you.





I haven't been on top in a long time...a long, long, time. smileysex5.gif

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These picutres of possible Nodders/Otters are GREAT. I can tell that you guys want to find the Nodder too. Keep trying and bless you little Nodder Lovers.


Hey Otter, I wonder what you think of these stuff mammals?

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'Bobby' would play dead on the ground in the cold (20C) weather to maximise the suns warmth.

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Maybe you didn't hear me through all that smoke.


Let me reiterate:



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nodder is the disney character goofy and was manufactured by marx in the late 50's or early 60's

nodder is connnected by tiny

nodder is from the 1950's

nodder is virtually impossible

nodder is not funny because the person of jesus is funny or easy to ridicule

nodder is the perfect embodiment of everything feline

nodder is a plastic bobble

nodder is one of the nodders made by a german company during the 1930's

nodder is made of molded plastic and is quite collectable as there is not a great deal of hot stuff merchandise

nodder is a little exposed on top

nodder is 10" and made of paperclay

nodder is a charlie chaplin

nodder is a mouse and he's standing beside a realistic looking apple that's a bank

nodder is very different and unique

nodder is in the shape of a cat carrying an umbrella and has a comical expression on its face

nodder is made in japan

nodder is completely sold out and hard to find

nodder is 8" tall

nodder is made of wood covered with felt

nodder is absolutely exquisite

nodder is in good condition

nodder is individually numbered on the bottom of 3

nodder is individually numbered on the bottom of 5

nodder is made of

nodder is a ceramic

nodder is no exception

nodder is precious

nodder is something like a yes

nodder is one of the most valuable and sought after of collectors today

nodder is $125

nodder is based at niwa in wellington; philip boyd is at niwa in dunedin

nodder is made of composition and has a white sticker on the bottom that has "japan" stamped on it

nodder is a plastic

nodder is in it's own gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity

nodder is a monster

nodder is an actual thing

nodder is made of papier

nodder is among the rarest bobbin? head dolls in existence

nodder is one of the toughest in the series to find

nodder is 7 1/2" tall and sure to remind you of all those saturdays watching the luche libre on tv

nodder is the happenin' way to decorate your swinging pad or the dashboard of your convertible jaguar

nodder is about 8" tall and comes in their own

nodder is observed

nodder is testament to

nodder is a no

nodder is very unusual as his eyes move

nodder is on this shelf for size and is already sold

nodder is sold separately

nodder is simply way too cool

nodder is about 6 1/4" tall and comes in his own

nodder is in the employment department where she undertakes a broad range of both contentious and non

nodder is that little critter or doll that

nodder is wearing a kimono

nodder is on the vorstand of first venture capital ag and serves on the high tech and media committees of the investment advisory board

nodder is in exc condition though skirt is a little frayed

nodder is in excellent condition and stands 5 ½" high

nodder is worth a fortune

nodder is that dork in the front of the class who doesn?t ever say anything but just nods his head in approval at whatever the teacher says

nodder is 4 1/2" high and in excellent condition

nodder is a "solid

nodder is described at length with measurements

nodder is complete with the matching base and it stands 3

nodder is

nodder is a bad ass

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