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My Gortex jacket bites. It doesn't really breathe, and it isn't waterproof. madgo_ron.gif It used to do both... I guess it's just old and worn out.


What would you all suggest? What's the easiest way to make it waterproof? I'm not as worried about breathability... it's so thick, I almost never wear it when I'm moving anyways.


Should I just burn it and get a soft shell?

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1)restore DWR - wash a lotm, dry it hot, iron and ReviveX

2)seam seal any holes or places where seamtape has come adrift


1) should help water repellency. 2) should cover any leakage or waterproofness issues.


Beyond that yer fucked. BUT, a non waterproof Gore shewll can be a useful piece. I have an old Arcteryx tester jacet I picked up for $20 when I worked there. It has no DWR anymore and even Revivex restores it for like 5 min. It had a hole I patched with seamsealer. Its a total beater shell and I use it for iceclimbing and wet alpine chimneys in the rain secure in the knowledge I'd probably get damp anyways no matter what I wear and this way I don't trash a nice new jacket doing it.

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