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Hey, This is my first time on this forum . . .Good to see so many people psyched about climbing up here! I am an out of state student from SOuthern Cali going to WWU. I am pretty new to all the climbing up here but I am impressed! (Though I Do miss the great weather and amazing granite of Black Mtn..) I have met a lot of great people up here and bouldered with even better ones! Well . . .I guess this forum is about personal websites. . .so here's mine www.climb4god.com go and check it out . . .let me know what you think (I also have a message board on my site) . . Just a warning . . In case you think my site is lame . . .its still under construction smile.gif so be nice.


-rock out


-Ryan (www.climb4god.com)

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Thanks for all the feedback (good and bad). . .I noiticed a lot of attention to the fact that I have no "true" climbing pics on the site . .just bouldering and sport climbing. . .and yeah . . that sucks . . .but, since moving to Bellingham, time is not as readily available (being a student), and bouldering is often the only way to get outside and climb. So, the more time I get, the more diversity of pics will appear on climb4god.com. I love all aspects of climbing, and hope to do more "true" or traditional climbing as time goes on.


Thanks again for all the replies.



-Ryan (climb4god)



p.s. my favorite reply quote thus far: "another website for the "masses" -haha . . never heard that one before, guess its true. smile.gif

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