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[TR] Lee Vining- Main Wall 2/16/2004


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Climb: Lee Vining-Main Wall


Date of Climb: 2/16/2004


Trip Report:

Chrysten and I drove down to Lee Vining over Presidents day weekend. It's is the closest ice climbing to home without flying.


Left saturday morning and made it down to Bishop, just in time before dark to do some climbing at Happy Boulders. At a big pizza at the Pizza Factory.


Sunday, wen't into Lee Vining, our first time. We got to the ice by 9am and there were lots of parties climbing, more showed up after us. But fortunately we we had the whole Main wall to ourselves.



I led up the Left Flow and C TR'd it off of big fat chain anchors. Food poisoning from the Pizza Factory began to kick in. We bailed and drove to Murpheys hotel in Lee Vining. I puked in the parking lot while C was checking in. Spent the night curled in a ball in bed...it sucked.


Here are some more Pics. All in all it was fun, and I'd go back. it was worth the long drive just to climb some ice!

Hordes on the Chouinard Wall:


Parties on the Bard-Harrington Wall:



Gear Notes:

Ice Tools and stuff like that...


Approach Notes:

Follow the goat trail, about 30 minutes.

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yeah, f%@ck the Pizza Factory, don't go there! Gut rot can ruin a climbing trip. Kinda sucked to drive 16hrs round trip for 1 climb, but such is life.


Gotta give props to my wife who was gracious enough to go ice climbing on Valentines weekend even though she marginaly enjoys it. And for taking care of me while I was puking and whiney. Also the dog for being such a good sport about the 8 hr drive, and sore paws...need to get her some booties.


Lee Vining was cool, I'd go back. The routes feel steeper than they look, and the route we chose had very little signs of any traffic, no steps or pick holes at all...wonder why.


I'm usualy one to complain about crowded areas, but we went there expecting it, and every one there was super cool. Seemed like everyone was perfectly happy waiting in line for the easy routes, or at least accepting of the lines.


The only sketchy thing I saw is in that picture of the Bard-Harrington above...look at that belay location! Yikes! Someone needs to send them the link to the Weeping Wall accident earlier this year...


Cheers, Have fun!

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