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San Diego Area?


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Anything cool within a few hours of San Diego? I'll be moving down there this spring and would like to do some climbing. I've never gotten too much into rock, but will give it a try. During the winter is there any more traditional alpine stuff, or would I need to head to Norcal for that? Thanks!

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Right in town there is Mission Gorge there is some climbing there, not that good though 1-2p routes for the most part bolted. Then there are a ton of manufactured bouldering and climbing areas under the express ways. Up in Santee there is some bouldering, have been able to find it though. There is a Sport crag south of Rosarito near the ocean very short approach there was a mini-guide published in R&I. South of Ensenada there is Pico de Diablo good alpine rock lines there with cool views down to the Sea of Cortez. There is Toro Blanco has long aid and free lines, very sketchy area though a lot of drug running and cultivation going on in that area. There is the standard that were already mentioned J-tree and Tahquitz. Alpine bouldering above Palm Spring tram approach, check Climbing I think they did an article on that area. No alpine that I can think of right nearby.

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