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Hey, I'm getting older, and I need advice about...


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...what I should do to warm up properly before a set of indoor climbs. When I partake in my other atheletic activities, I've got specific warm up routines that have served me well for decades. But, the one, or the lack of one, that I use for climbing isn't getting the job done. I've pulled muscles twice this winter, and I'd rather not do any further damage!


One of the gyms I go to has a revolving wall that I can warm up on, but my hands and arms are cooked by the time I get warmed up!


Any suggestions would be great. I'm 40sih, and I'm very active on my mt. bike and the golf course so cardio and flexibitity is real good.



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I'm 28, so not quite old. But I had the same problem, pulled each of my shoulders on two separate occasions. I am a firm believer in stretching before hand (back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, calves, the whole body). Since I've gotten strict about that, I haven't had any muscular problems. Also I stretch a bit afterwards. It's just like lifting, many people are good about stretching before hand, but not afterwards. That is how your muscles get tight, and more importantly, your tendons and ligaments.


Also I live six blocks from the climbing gym, so I usually look like a fool and job with my shoes and chalk bag dangling from one hand. But what the hell, I am a fool anyways.

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Couple of routes well below the grades you climb gently stretches everything out.


Add a few mins on the bike or the rowing machine to get the blood moving, or bike or run to the gym, and you should be good.


I'm only late 30s but my body injures easily.


Getting older sucks in terms of the body falling to pieces.

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... and I'm very active on ... the golf course so cardio and flexibitity is real good.



Hmmm, I'm not really sure what you are doing on that golf course, but I would bet your idea of "in shape" has nothing to do with what most mountaineers would consider "real good".


Run up two full flights of stairs holding your breath, can you talk normally immediatly afterwards? Try riding your bike to the gym.

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