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Lummox is right; the boots that fit you are best. Rainier in July usually is not very cold, so you shouldn't have to worry about your feet freezing. You WILL have to worry about having some big heavy anchors on your feet and getting blisters and stuff like that, so use the boots that are the lightest weight/most comfortable. Plenty of people (myself included) have done comfortable summer Rainier ascents wearing lightweight leather boots (La Sportiva Glacier's for example). You could always bring along a pair of toe warmers for summit day if you brought lighterweight boots and were worried about the cold. I'd recommend lightweight alluminum crampons as well.


Which route are you planning on doing?


Happy Trails.

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Unfortuaetly I'm not from out there or live out there frown.gif. I'm going with RMI, so those are the two rental boots to choose from (I'm doing this on a tight budget). Also totally new to mountaineering. Have no clue on the route.


Thanks for the info., and I'm planning to have a blast!!!

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its 6 of one, half dozen of the other. they are both plastic double boots with no real functional difference except the degre has a teeny bit more flex/less stability in the upper part above the hinge.


you are onna have to try both and take whatever fits better because otherwise the choice is meaningless. it's like granny smith vs. macintosh for apple bobbing

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