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Rushing your shit...

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Pressed for time yesterday, I tried to rush a shit and realized that just ain't natural. Mid-shit, I realized I had more time than I thought and slowed it down a bit. This led to a much more pleasurable experience and actually aided in the elimination of more shit that I thought I had to get rid of.


Feel free to discuss, we haven't had a good "shit" thread for a while.



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I'm brewing up another cuppa right now because I missed my short poo window this morning. I start to feel parastalsis some time before my first cuppa and then it peaks usually around the time I have a few sips left. Sometimes I wait for one reason or another, perhaps to spray a little bit on cc.com, perhaps to respond to email, and I miss my window. If the second cuppa doesn't work, I'm stuck with a full colon until tomorrow morning.

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you are a sick fuck... rolleyes.gif


Only a man would believe all are interested in knowing his daily visits to a rest room.

You got spray to help the fellow employees with your stank? yellaf.gif

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Let's talk about some types of shit. Or even words for it. Any language or slang acceptable.





Brown Slug




Saucy shit

Spraying shit

Bomb shit

Sausage shit

Creamy shit

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When I was a kid in Italy, they had these unisex shitters all over Western Europe that could be a "face-in" urinal for a guy, or a "face-out" shitter for boths guys and gals. Apparently, if you were gonna take a shit, you would face out, squat, strain, and release. Looks a lot like this:




As kids, however, we took this little plaything to its logical conclusion. Nicknaming these types of shitters as "European Bombsights", we would attempt to stand as erect as possbile over the flush hole during the shit mode, and attempt to deposit the ordnance onto the target on the first air strike. Points were awarded for clean hits (we operated on the honor system of course - we weren't that sick!). No collateral damage to worry about whatsoever, as there is no "pond" in which to drop bomblets which might cause splashing.


Great fun! yellaf.gif


PS: My nickname at work is "Rocket Man", as I take no time whatsoever to take a dump, naturally. In and out, complete with hand wash, in less than 2 minutes, every time. thumbs_up.gif

Just keeping with the thread topic.

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