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Your Definition of 'Patriotism'


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The next time your filled with Partiotic fervor, channel that energy into anger, and direct it towards a filthy Frenchman, the next time you see one wiping shit onto the door handle in a bathroom, or shiiting in the middle of a trail, or sticking their butt-wipe on a branch at eye level. Sick French fucks.

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money is not wealth





Speaking of money, time to get back to work! Thanks for evaporating a few billable hours with me...



as much as on one hand this is totaly true... it brings to mind an Everclear song "you have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas"


Yeppers Muffin, that is a very good song.


Money frees us and traps us at the same time. Be aware.

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Is anyone else wondering where is JayB, J_B, Fairweather, sexual_chocolate and mattp? This should be mother's milk to them.




I can't speak for the rest, but Fairweather spends his days at work actually working. You should try it. You will rarely, if ever, see my posts between 6am and 4 or 5pm. You, on the other hand, must be self employed...or a waste of space in someone else's business endeavor. the_finger.gifevils3d.gif


As for American patriotism; it is a comitment to the ideals and principles found in the US constitution and other instruments of our country's creation. Many here would supplant these ideals with documents such as the UN Charter, and impose the laws/rights therein above those we now enjoy. Such people, in my view, are not patriots.

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