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I got a pair of these at MEC for my wife.... evils3d.gifyellaf.gifbigdrink.gifthumbs_up.gif


So far I really like them! Oh yeah, she does too...bigdrink.gif


Super light, a good swing, and the curve at the top gives enough clearance for funky ice.


Only gripe is they have these holes in them for the wanna be Charlet Android leash, they are plugged with little black plastic things. First day out one of the plugs got knocked inside the tool...so now there is a little plastic thing rattleing around in the shaft frown.gif Kinda lame, I'm considering sending it back. If you get Charlet Tools take the plastic things out right away.


Also, with the echange rate the way it is I think I may have ended up paying more for them at MEC then in the States. rolleyes.gif

Otherwise thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

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It looks ok, I just don't like how long the leash is. The andriods are bad enough about wrapping around everything and trying to drop screws when your pumped, I wouldn't want anything longer. But i'm sure they work fine once yoo are used to them. The black plugs definately suck though.


Regardless the tools are pretty cool. Cheap and light weight, plus the wanna-be-lockdown leash that it comes with works good too.

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