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Double rope advice

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but to do so isn't necessarily gonna cause both ropes to fail or anything.


true to that the stand point is not rope failure it is more of Pro failure due to high impact...that is why we use the double rope in the first place each strand transmit LOWER impact to the pro increasing the chance of it holding in marginal placement (=ice placement)


So if you are climbing with TWINS, and you are basically clipping both ropes and get to a place where you could significantly reduce rope drag by making a few placements with alternating clips, Is that terrible?


not recommended the impact per strand on twin is the lowest of the rope systems (that is why they tell u to clip them together...it is worse then rubber band by itself) if u fall on one strand the elongation might land u on a ledge/deck or/end due to this property the rope is more susceptible to cut over sharp edge which will lead to landing on ledge/deck

so in short use a longer sling and like they said 2 biners will help too


almost forgot..... snaf.gif

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I have been using twin 9's for twenty years now. I will go to 8.7's next purchase due to the increased rope strength. I prefer 50m or 165'. I use the two together as one lead rope and use lots of slings to decrease rope drag. Two ropes get me off the mountain quick in a storm and are way stronger over edges and other adverse situations. 60m is overkill. More weight, more pieces, more rope handling, and further away from your belayer.

I know the question is about alternating clipping ropes and I am not a serious ice climber like David_Parker. But this is the system that I have come to like best for alpine rock after trying every other alternative that comes along.

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