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Replacing bladders


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erik said:

shouldnt intuition liners work? or the raichle ones as well?

I don't know what your even talking about. Where do you get them, how much....


I don't expect to use my plastics too much unless it's really cold, so I want warmth to be the leading factor. I'll be in NH and Maine over x-mas.

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Find a pair Vans / Raichle snowboard boots on ebay with thermofit / intuition liners (many have them). They go cheap (mine were $15). Transfer the liners to your mountaineering boots. Get the combo nuked in special oven they have at local ski/climbing shop. This costs about $20, or try a beer bribe. I don't recommend trying to heat them up in your own oven. It makes your house smell like the previous owners hot stinky feet & and they are easily ruined by to much heat. In addition to a custom fit, these liners will make your boots about 1 lb lighter per pair.

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