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I will be in Portland, Maine from Dec 21 to Jan 1 and will be in North Conway/Jackson either right before or right after X-mas (maybe both!) to climb ice. I am experienced! Anyone from the NW happen to be going there? Otherwise, I'm looking for locals to hook up with. I'd also like to go up one or more of the "alpine" ice climbs on Mt. Washington. PM me for details and resume.

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Well The Maine lines that are around a quite good. My buddies go up on Maineline (grade 5) almost every year, but it usually not that good until Feb. The other place that rocks in Maine is Katahdin, but you need to do some planning for that one. It is a 12 mile ski in and it is best to stay in the cabin (25 buck/night). There are some great long alpine lines up there Waterfall and Cilley Barber (both grade 4). Also on the Pamola ice cliff in the park are some great long single pitch 3+'s to 5+'s. If you are in Portland it is way shorter to get to NH Frankenstien (great cragging) area and Cannon. Definitely do the Black Dike or Fafnir on Cannon both are great routes 3 long pitches (grade 4). If you have a chance make it to Willowby, it is only 5 hours away from Portland and has the best steep ice around. Just moved out from Portland in April and I already know I am going to miss the ice climbing that was to be had out there.

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