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Celebrity Starfish Stolen


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Supermodels love climbers. I used to date supermodels exclusively, but then I got tired of the eccentricities...expensive dinners offered to "the facilities" minutes after consumption, the constant preening, the mood-swings, the phonecalls at 3 AM, etc. I've recently run across a news item that yet again reinforces why climbers should NOT date supermodels:

"Kate's stolen anus: Art is arse." British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman are reported to have had a break-in at their East London studio. Missing from the studio are a number of close up medical-style photos of famous models' anuses, among them Kate Moss's. The pictures were taken were taken with permission of the models and were to form the basis of a new artwork. Anyone being offered a large photo of the Moss ringpiece should phone the police."

Hey! I just got another great auction idea for raising money for the access fund!!!!

[big Drink][laf][hell no]

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There was another stolen celebrity sphincter. As it turns out this one was very cleverly hidden. It turns out that Rosanne Arnolds anus-scape was actually Crater Lake. Arnolds legal team is currently in litigation with the Federal Parks people to have this so called "landmark" returned to the rightful owner. No word yet on how the feds plan to fill the "void".

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