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How not to start.


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Assuming you really want to climb, here are some guidelines.

1. If you must post on CC.COM do not under any circumstances reveal that you are female unless you aren't.

2. If you are posting on CC.COM, you obviously are not climbing. That is a problem. Just ask any of the regular posters about their problems. Most of them will list other posters. Posters are posers. If I weren't stuck in an office already, I would not be pecking on a board. Look for someone who posts little or not at all. They stand a higher chance of being out climbing.

3. Do not pay good money to bad teachers. Most climbers are willing to take out a novice now and then. You are a belayer. Your services will probably be valuable pretty fast. Belay slaves are a closely guarded commodity.

4. Fat and weak people do not get good fast. Be strong and reasonably proportioned before asking someone to yard your ass up a rock.

5. Do not read any responses to this post.


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