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A rock wall near Bella Coola

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I had to resize it 6 or 8 times before I could upload it. It very well could be 10 pitches. I just dont know..


There's a whole bunch of slabs and walls up there like Powell River. Dru has done a route near there called Snootli Express but I dont think it's on the wall I posted a picture of.


Too bad the summers are short up there. But some of the climbing info might be available (I suspect sketchy) in Lyle's Central BC book but dont quote me on that.



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According to gripped.com the climbs in the area are up to 20 pitches. Ray's picture showed "Airport Wall," and I've been told that the obvious rib/arete right up the middle of the thing is a bolted 5.10 face climb (that's "slab" for you sport climbers, but it's steep enough that I don't think the hard part will involve the type of smear and palm tactics you'd employ at Static Point).

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Some many people know notes:


It's all clearity when you shoot at infinity and choose small aperture (I think it's the landscape mode). With a camera like such you have less manual options and it makes it easier to get a good simple shot. But when using film\slides on a manual equipped camera you can really do magic.


I have another high quality film camera and the light meter lies (as with most cameras) when in the snow quite often. Use a polarizer if necessary on a good camera when you have a Through the lense meter. If not then guess and waste a lot more money on film, but if you shoot enough you'll usually get the desired photo...


But with a digital you can use the setting desired and then aim at the sky or another non snow object for instance and then immediately back down to the subject before the camera does it's bad correction and get the shot. Just hit the autofocus then re-aim away and then back quickly to get best shot.


It's definitely not much of an art form with a do it all for you camera.


It can and cannot be an art form with a real camera sometimes. Usually the results from a film camera turn out better in my experiences.


Most digital SLRs are pretty good IMHO. Ive used one of my buds and was impressed but my film camera still produces better images.....


It's like debating a cam and bomber nut placement.... bigdrink.gif

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