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Come fondle my rack!


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Bet that got your attention! grin.gif


But seriously folks, I'm looking to practice leading this weekend and to dirty up my shiny new gear on some easy (5.4-5.6-ish) trad routes. I'm thinking something along the lines of R&D or Saber. Doesn't have to be in 11-worth, those are just 2 obvious ones that popped into mind.


Newbies like me of course are welcome, or if you're a better leader than me and can think of a route like Blueberry Hill with both harder and easy pitches, that would be great too. Either Sat or Sun (or both) work for me, but I have to be back in town on Monday for Bumbershoot.

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Dear Miss Rack Fondle-ee,


a side thought has crept into my brain...


what with all of lower BC closed (including most of squish), canudian 'sportsmen' will be flocking to this beautiful state to get their fix of endorphines while hiking, scrambling, and climbing. shocked.gif


we will be lucky if there is anything left after the dust settles come Tuesday. (i don't think they get monday off like we do but if they do it must be Boxing Day or something yellaf.gif).


so wherever you are going get there early and don't accept any Loonies or Twoonies (queen's bear ass) moon.gif


and definetly don't do any conversions (convulsions) to metric or whatever... yelrotflmao.gif


have fun.



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A little note on Mt. Erie... The little convenience store on the corner there didn't have the guide book. Apparently the skinny one is all sold out, and it's being replaced by a fat one that's still at the printers.


So since the only guide we had was this one pretty worthless printout from the web, we wandered around a lot and eventually just did a few routes at a place I'd been before. But the objective of testing out my new rack was achieved. I took my very first ever leader fall on a 2" cam! I had never even taken a leader fall on bolts before. It was pretty exciting.


After the climb, we stopped at this farm stand outside La Conner for barbeque ribs and great homemade waffle cones the size of your head. Yummy!

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