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Touch My Tuft: An Oregon CC.com Love Fest


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TIGHE said:

bunglehead said:

so if I bring my guitar, will some of you kids sit around the burning palletes and sing some Sabbath with me?

Then we can all go for a moonlight stroll up Gray Butte!! Ooooohhhhh! fruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.gif




I'm in thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif


I love that kinda shit! fruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.gif

grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.giffruit.gifrockband.gifrockband.gifrockband.gifrockband.gifrockband.gif ME TOOOOOOOO
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fshrgrl said:

Terminal_Gravity said:

I'm thinkin I'll bring a keg of stout and a keg of ESG (hoppy golden) and leave the high octane stuff (that has ruined so many people at a couple of PDX events) at home.





I think that this is my very first page top




Back to the important question - c'mon TG, don't be makin' us PDX'rs look like a bunch of weak livered, alcohol challenged wussies. You gotta bring some tripple bock, that shit got me a boyfriend! I'd hate for you to deny anyone the opportunity for a key hookup... yelrotflmao.gif



Okay fishgrl,triple it is, maybe the lucky boy will get drunk throw -up, pass out and leave you to suffer through my drunken ramblings

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thelawgoddess said:

MisterE said:

Wirlwind and I are coming down in my eurovan, and have room for another person or two. Leaving B'ham Friday Night, back on Monday night.


i think you should find another eric or erik or two and line your van with shaggy carpet and lava lamps. grin.gif


Don't forget the gurgler hahaha.gif


Actually it's going to be an vanful of Eriks possibly.

We can all get erie and not forget names yellaf.gifthumbs_up.gif

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I'm proposing we also have a gear swap at the tuft fest, so bring the gear you want to unload, swap meet style. I also thought it might be cool for folks to make some cd compilations with their fav road trippin or climbing tunes on it, and we can do some music swappage as well. just a thought.

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