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Touch My Tuft: An Oregon CC.com Love Fest


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iain said:

hope the weather was better up in l-worth, it was pouring at Smith this weekend.




Sucka! It was pouring at Smith on Saturday. Beer, food, and movies in Bend passed the time, though. Astonishing number of dejected-looking folks in crag attire shuffling about the streets downtown, and lurking at the Pilot Butte Supermegacinematoplex.


But Sunday ... ooooohhh, Sunday! Little AM sun to ease the up-and-at-'em, nice hot mug of the strong black, and one of the better cragging days in recent memory. Enough clouds moving through to make the sun enjoyable but prevent greasy conditions, a little breeze, perfect temps, and a killer sunset.


If you blew off Smith 'cause of Saturday, you blew the weekend.

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Dr_Flash_Amazing said:

iain said:

his fruity pink hat raised hell on my whites though.


Awww ... another perfectly good polar bear suit lost to the uncaring vicissitudes of staining. Such a shame, such a shame. frown.gif


nothing says you care like dressing up in a polar bear suit frown.gif

i'm sure it's nothing a little bleach won't fix. remind him to leave the hat with his petticoats next time

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